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Fundación para el Desarrollo Integral del Pacífico
Foundation for the Integral Development of the Colombian Pacific Region

Valle del Cauca Commission for Education

About project

The Valle del Cauca Commission for Education is an organized civil society group that has been working for the past 19 years in public policy advocacy, at the regional level, and in the social and business mobilization of the various sectors that integrate it. From an organizational perspective, it divided in five sub-commissions -including preschool education, education and diversity, education quality and relevance, information and communications technologies -ICT-, and communications-, debate and mobilization forums on education policy, and Support Committees for the Regional/Local Departments of Education.

It contributes to create and/or foster social equity, advance responsible citizenship, and develop regional competitiveness through initiatives that positively impact upon the quality, participation, relevance and equity in education.

  • Objective:

    Foster the continuous improvement of Pre-school, Primary and Secondary Education in the Department of Valle del Cauca, stimulating the participation of the business, social, government and academic sectors, as well as of society at large.

  • Place:

    Valle del Cauca

  • Initiative:

    Social development

  • FDI Pacífico's Role:

    Support and enhance resource management, and the articulation of public and private actors and stakeholders, to ensure the effectiveness of public policy advocacy in connection with the continuous improvement of the quality, participation, relevance and equity of education throughout the region.

Target population: