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Fundación para el Desarrollo Integral del Pacífico
Foundation for the Integral Development of the Colombian Pacific Region

Strengthening Public Security in Cali and Valle del Cauca

About project

Challenges in security and civic coexistence are critical to modern city life. In this context, Cali and its metropolitan area face significant challenges in the areas of conflict management and resolution, and security and peaceful coexistence, which are being addressed through uncoordinated efforts due to the lack of a strategic governance plans and processes.

The initiative prepared by FDI Pacífico, with the advice of security and peaceful coexistence experts, aims to design a ‘Security and Conflict, Violence, and Crime Management System’ to establish the institutional structure and the necessary processes to integrate and coordinate public, private and social sectors actions, so as to improve the effectiveness in the implementation of social interventions, action plans, and operations.

  • Objective:

    Increase the effectiveness of public policies aimed at improving the security and peaceful coexistence of Cali’s inhabitants, through the design and implementation of a governance and management scheme, known as ‘Conflict, Violence and Crime Management System.’

  • Place:

    Valle del Cauca

  • Initiative:

    Social development

  • FDI Pacífico's Role:

    Integrate actors and stakeholders

  • Design and draft the project

  • Resource management and project implementation

Target population: