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Fundación para el Desarrollo Integral del Pacífico
Foundation for the Integral Development of the Colombian Pacific Region

Strengthening health sector management in Valle del Cauca

About project

The General Healthcare Social Security System in Colombia -SGSSS for its acronym in Spanish- has attained substantial progress in the areas of healthcare protection, coverage, access to services, equity, and financial protection to households. Nevertheless, significant challenges still remain with regard to healthcare quality, patient flow, system’s legitimacy, and transparency in the allocation and use of resources provided to the healthcare sector. Consequently, the National Government is currently drafting a proposal on System reform, and implementing changes aimed at attaining a healthcare provision scheme that encourages and rewards preventive care, in order to increase efficiency in resource management and improve access to healthcare delivery services.

Through this project, FDI Pacífico intends to assist the Ministry of Health and the Office of the Governor of Valle del Cauca in restructuring and fine-tuning the region´s healthcare system by engaging a team of experts specialized in public health that will work closely with the Valle del Cauca Health Department.

  • Objective:

    To contribute to the strengthening of the General System of Social Security in Health, SGSSS, through the improvement of the management and the adjustment of the roles of the different agents, in order to make it more efficient and obtain better results in the services offered in the department .

  • Place:

    Valle del Cauca

  • Initiative:

    Social development

  • FDI Pacífico's Role:

    Generate synergies between the public and private sector, establish a road map and provide accompaniment for the implementation of the Comprehensive Model of Health Care, MIAS.

Target population: