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Fundación para el Desarrollo Integral del Pacífico
Foundation for the Integral Development of the Colombian Pacific Region

Commuter Train and Green Corridor

About project 

The Cali Green Belt and Commuter Train is a land transport and urban renovation strategic project arising from the recovery and transformation of the former railway. The project aims to integrate the city socially and spatially along its north-south and central-east axes, by means of a bicycle lane, multiple recreational areas, and a streetcar line that will run on the former railway.

Accordingly, the capital city of Valle will transform itself into an innovative and environmentally conscious city with an efficient mass transportation system.

  • Objective:

    Transform Cali’s community life style and turn into the city’s, including its metropolitan areas, main transport axis. The project aims to prioritize and effectively maximize the use of public areas, non-motorized low-emissions transportation, and environmental sustainability.

  • Place:

    Ciudad de Cali

  • Initiative:

    Connectivity and logistics

  • FDI Pacífic's Role:

    Support and enhance project leadership

  • Articulate key actors to realize development opportunities

  • Allocate and manage pre-investment resources on studies and program design

Railroad track:
Target population:
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