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Fundación para el Desarrollo Integral del Pacífico
Foundation for the Integral Development of the Colombian Pacific Region

Environmental Corridor of the Cauca River

About project

The Cauca River Corridor represents over 0,2% of Colombia’s territory, and according to the National Administrative Department of Statistics -DANE for its acronym in Spanish- holds almost 8,8% of the country’s total population. Its production amounts to approximately 78% of the aggregate gross production of the Departments of Risaralda, Valle del Cauca, and Cauca. Furthermore, Valle’s stretch of the corridor has experienced continuous urbanization and regional development, representing 87,5% of the metropolitan conurbation of its economy.

However, 47% of the corridor’s area is continually threatened by flooding as a result of climatic phenomena experienced by Colombia, which could adversely affect regional income by approximately US$270 million per year, excluding all riverside urban economies.

This restoration projects aims to implement well over 200 ecosystem, hydraulic, social and land use measures for integral flood control management in the Cauca River Corridor. The plan identifies and integrates thirteen nuclei -fauna and flora interconnection corridors- and six strategic projects, including the Laguna el Sonso -Sonso lake- Integrated Management Regional District.

  • Objective:

    Restore the conservation and sustainable use conditions of the Cauca River watershed drainage system, mainly the upper valley of its middle course, under various climate change scenarios.

  • Place:

    Valle del Cauca y Cauca

  • Initiative:

    Recovery and management of water resources

  • FDI Pacífico's Role:

    Support and enhance Autonomous Regional Corporation of Valle del Cauca -CVC for its acronym in Spanish- project’s leadership, and integrate key public and private actors and stakeholders to foster further development as well as allocate and manage studies and design pre-investment resources.

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