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The Economic Activities Center in Buenaventura -CAEB-


The CAEB, pilot project of the ‚ÄúNew Cities‚ÄĚ Program of the National Planning Department -DNP-, essentially represents an economic and social development model for Buenaventura that could involve an area of up to 4.000 hectares.

The economic pillar in this initiative aims to exploit the untapped port and logistics potential of the city, through the promotion, construction, operation and maintenance of a significantly large economic activities area. The social pillar, on the other hand, focuses on fostering integral development of this city’s inhabitants, based on State interventions aimed at improving Buenaventura’s -special district- social and physical infrastructure.

Project summary (overview):

Objectives / Purpose

Foster the social and economic development of Buenaventura. Encourage private investment to progressively overcome current key challenges such as the ones posed by insufficient basic infrastructure for the provision of public services, and the improvement of the standards and quality of life of local communities.

FDI Pacífico’s Role

  • Support the Chamber of Commerce of Buenaventura, and national, regional, and local governments throughout the project‚Äôs life cycle, to ensure its effective and timely implementation, particularly in the areas of project management and of the articulation of key actors and stakeholders.